Our Company

We are a company that specializes in the commercialization of organically produced fruit and vegetables which are then deep frozen. We are located in south east Spain, an area lucky enough to have enough sun and fertile land to produce top quality, unbeatable products.

With more than 25 years experience in the frozen food sector and 15 working in the world of organically produced products, we have always gone for sustainable products, even in the early days when the company was set up.

Our products are sent to markets in France, Belgium, Holland, England and other countries within the European community.

This is how we work

Plantaciones propias
We have our own plantations while others are rented and sub contracted from trustworthy farmers, following a strict control of traceability and organic certification.
Manipulacion y congelación de productos
We work with several companies that are professionals in the field of the handling and freezing of IQF products, all of which are accredited in the area of ecological product handling. The geographical layout is such that the length of time between the collecting of the product and its handling and freezing is kept to a minimum.
All of these companies are audited and approved by our department of certification and standardization.
Departamento propio de logistica
The transporting of our products knows no boundaries; our logistical department is well known for its dynamism and ability to adapt to the customers’ needs. We also work with the best professionals in this area.

We serve our products to:

Servimos nuestros productos por todo el mundo