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Trade name: JNG BIO
Registered address: C/ Castilla 1, Lo Pagán – 30.740 San Pedro del Pinatar - Murcia
Telephone: +34 968 181 986
Fax: +34 968 186 074

Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Murcia, Tomo 2696, Hoja MU-71187. Inscripción 1ª
Web site:

OBJECT: The provider, responsible for the Website, provides the users with this document in which the necessity for the compliance with the rules set out in the Law 34/2002 which relates to the Services of the Information and Electronic commerce company is made clear. This document also informs all the web users as to the conditions of use of the Web.
Anybody who accesses the Website is considered to be a user and must therefore observe and comply with the regulations here laid out as well as other legal rulings that can be applied. The provider reserves the right to modify any type of information that might appear in the Web without having to previously inform or make known to the users, publication on the Web is taken to be sufficient when informing.

Responsibility: The provider is exempt from all responsibility arising from the publication of information on the Web if this information has been handled or introduced by a third person unaffiliated to the provider.

The provider’s Web site may use cookies (small files of information which the server sends to the computer of whoever visits the site) in order to carry out certain functions considered to be necessary for a correct functioning and visualization of the site. The cookies used on the site are of a temporary nature whose only objective is the transmission of information and they disappear when the user’s session ends. The cookies will not be used under any circumstances to gather information of a personal nature.
It is possible that the from the customer’s website, users may be redirected to other webs. Given that the provider can not always control the contents which have been introduced by third parties in the Web, the provider assumes no responsibility for same. Having said this, the provider states that he will immediately remove any content or redirecting to Webs that could go against national or international legislation, moral or public order, and the authorities will be informed.

The provider is not responsible for the information and content stored, in an expository but not limited manner in forums, chats, blog generators, social networks or any other means which allows third parties to publish content independently on the provider’s Web page. However, and in compliance with that set out in articles 11 and 16 of the Services of the Information and Electronic commerce company law, the provider is at the service of all users, authorities and armed forces and will collaborate in an active way in the removal or if necessary the blocking of all content which could affect or go against national or international legislation, the rights of other parties or moral or public order. Should the user consider that the Website does contain information which would fall into any of these categories, he is asked to inform the Web administrator immediately.

This website has been revised and tested so that it works correctly. It should therefore, work correctly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not rule out certain errors in programming or events of Force Majeure, natural catastrophes, strikes, or similar circumstances that could make access to the Web impossible.

Protection of personal details

The provider is committed to the compliance of the Spanish legislation relating to the protection of details of a personal nature and guarantees the complete compliance of obligations as well as the implementing of security measures as set out in article 9 of the Law 15/1999 which refers to the Protection of details of a personal nature and the law relating to the compliance of this law.

The provider will supply all users with the Privacy policy of the group, which deals with the following areas:
• Details of the person responsible for the data processing
• Details processed
• File in which they are stored
• Objective of the processing
• Details of the obligation or not of facilitating these details as well as the possible consequences in the event that these details should not be made available.
• Information about the rights of users and how to go about exercising these rights.
• Intellectual and industrial property

The Website, including its programming, editing, compiling and other elements of an expository but not limited manner, necessary for it to work, its designs, logos, text and/or graphics are property of the provider or he who holds a license or special authorization by the authors. All website content is duly protected by the law relating to intellectual and industrial property and is registered in the public registers to which it belongs.

Irrelevant of what it is to be used for, any content that is copied, used, distributed or sold in part or whole, in any case, requires the written authorization by the provider. Without the authorized use of the provider will be considered to be a serious infringement of the rights of intellectual and industrial rights of the author.

The design, logos, text and/or graphics unconnected to the provider or those which could appear in the Website, belong to their respective owners, and they themselves are responsible for any controversy which could arise related to same. The provider must always have previous written authorization from these people before using same.

The provider is aware of the industrial and intellectual property rights, and on the Website itself, this does not imply that the existence of rights or responsibility of the provider of these same rights, either as a backup, sponsor or recommendation by the provider.

Should incompliance of the intellectual or industrial property rights or any of the Website be observed an email can be sent to the following address:

Applicable law and juristiction

For the resolution of any controversy or questions related to the current Website, Spanish legislation will be applied, to which all parties will be subjected and the resolution of any such conflict will be dealt with in the Courts and Tribunals in Murcia.